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"A great reading by a wonderful Astrologer."

​I had a great experience with her. She was very honest and straight forward, clear and accurate with regards to my personality and situation. She offered great advice . I would definitely recommend her.

Sylvia   5/5 stars
Put our expertise to work for you. At Stargazer, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community as a premier provider of services for the Santa Ana area.
"Best in class! I wouldn't go anywhere else..."

I have known Lindy almost 20 years. She is honest and always tells the truth, whether it be good or bad. She does so in a kind and understanding manner. There have been times when I thought she was incorrect, but as the year played out she turned out to be 'right on' with the reading she gave me. She is not interested in telling you what you want to hear so you keep coming back. She is interested in giving information, and in doing so, helps others, and thus make the world a better place. She is a wonderful person. Enlightened and evolved to a high plain.

Darlene V.  5/5  stars

"She is amazing and accurate"

Lindy is very professional and is a great listener. I've known her over 20 years, and she's a beautiful person, both inside and out.

Laura D.  5/5 stars

"Lindy Burke is always "right on" when reading a chart." 

Everything that Lindy has ever told me has been true and/or has come true. I can give her a recommendation of outstanding. She is honest, forth right and genuine. She makes the experience positive for you.

Karen C.  5/5 stars

"Lindy is extremely knowledgeable, caring, concerned, and fun."

Lindy had done private readings for me for years, and continues to be very insightful. She has given encouragement and direction for many aspects of my life, and good suggestions for possible pitfalls and upcoming challenges. She has also donated many hours of her time raising money by doing 'fun' readings for several charity groups I know.

Sandy K.   5/5 stars

"I highly recommend Lindy Burke."

I have been a very satisfied client of Lindy’s for many, many years now. Lindy does a considerable amount of prep work prior to your session and is ready to help YOU get the most out of your session.

My experience has been that Lindy starts with some introductory comments and then an overview of your chart. After that you both look at what is going on in your life. From there the direction of your reading is based on your areas of interest. Lindy is a very good listener! It is very conversational in nature and completely confidential.

The sessions are recorded for you so you can listen to them as often and whenever you need to. If you’re an established client, Lindy will provide comparisons to prior charts.

Tom L  5/5 stars

"Lindy is amazing."

I have been using her services for twenty years, and the accuracy of her work is second to none. Before I make any big decisions in my life, I consult with her for insight. I HIGHLY recommend her.

John L.  5/5 stars

"Lindy is the best!" 

Always compassionate; always insightful. She has been eerily on point with everything in my life for many years. I value everything she has to say!  Lindy saw health problems for my husband. I had him go to the doctor, where it was shown he had a blocked artery that could have killed him. I feel Lindy saved his life.

Judy M.   5/5 stars

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"Lindy Burke, Astrologer, is the best with keen intuition, knowledge, and accuracy."
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